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Bring healthy back to your snack with
RawHarvest Superfoods!

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What is RawHarvest?

RawHarvest is a unique method of preserving food by drying it at low temperatures without blanching, cooking. boiling. or heating above 113 degrees. NewLeaf uses only ORGANIC whole real food ingredients and all of our products are gluten free, egg free, dairy free, grain free, soy free, peanut free, free of refined sugars and oils; raw, vegan, and kid approved!

Examples of RawHarvest Superfoods include: apricot candy, apple chips, beet chips, blueberry candy, blackberry candy, broccoli bites, cauliflower bites, carrot chips, cranberry candy, kale chips, nectarine chips, pear chips, peach chips, sweet potato chips, tomato chips, sprouted granola, sprouted trail mix, watermelon candy, zucchini chips, fruit leathers and much much more!!


RawHarvest snacks are freshly hand-made with love every month and delivered directly to your door at wholesale prices.


We connect you with the sweetest, freshest, most pure, nutrient dense ORGANIC and biodynamic fruits and vegetables available.

Living Foods.

Our unique RawHarvest method of air drying at low temperatures  maintains the potency of essential enzymes and nutrients.

How it works

1. Discover

Set your dietary preferences & discover 7-9 RawHarvest superfoods on your doorstep every month made from raw, vegan, & ORGANIC ingredients.

2. Learn

Find recipes, tips, and videos on our website to turn your own local harvest into RawHarvest superfoods!

3. Create

Start creating RawHarvest superfoods to share with your family and friends.

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